Bloody Italians , coming over here , breaking down , drinking our beer .

180816 003

This is Max Guzzi , he is from Pavia just south of Milan ,

be nice to him if you see him, it is his first time in England .

Buy him a beer , then look at all the places he has been . He is on Cali Jackal ,

with over 270k kms on it. He has more Elephant stickers on his bike than you have

fingers !

Norge 8v GT , oil pressure switch leak

Norge 8v GT ,

had a leaking oil pressure switch , to get to it involves seat, panels,and fuel tank …then you remove the lower fairing , on both sides to access the inlet manifolds to the throttle bodies .

then you can remove the airbox , underneath is the oil pressure switch. It also means you can get to everywhere to clean up the oil that has leaked out .

new switch has an adapter to fit new type of switch , so hopefully it won’t happen again .

clean everything up and screw it all back together.