Honesty , does it pay ?

ing it in says i griso-plate-007

Little V50 , comes in , owner says he has broken the clutch , he has no drive . wants a quote for clutch replacement . Bring it in says i ….turns up in a van from Bristol….

leave it with me for the week , he says , i’ll be back on Saturday .

have a quick check over deffo , no drive .

remove rear wheel , drive box and caliper.

bear in mind this guy has owned this for 2 years .

as i remove the drive box , there is a spring , sleeve , circlip , and disc .These link the driveshaft to the drive box .

there was no disc or circlip ?


the spring pushes against the disc and circlip (the circlip locates in the sleeve) and this all holds it against the pinion in the drive box , transmitting the drive .

so quoted for clutch plate swop about £550 , actual cost £100 .


Bloody Moto Guzzi parts department .

So frustrating , ordered this from my friendly dealer , correct part number used , wait 4 weeks . parcel arrives …left hand part in a right hand bag .

Order another one , same thing happens …BUGGER !

See one for sale , on the other side of the EU , at more than UK retail , but i need it …. email an order , with a note to check before sending , that it is the correct part .

parcel turns up 4 days later , BRILLIANT , thinks me …..unwrap parcel…left hand part inside . BUGGER.

Email EU supplier , with photo’s to show it is the wrong part, they agree and arrange collection , to return said part .

Have currently spent nearly £400 , and nothing to show for it .

Just watch both of them turn up at the same time .

update , they did turn up on the same day , 30 minutes apart !

8v clutch job , stelvio

High mileage stelvio clutch job , clutch slipping because it is,a worn out ,b because the cush springs were rubbing on the gearbox casing .


Bloody Italians , coming over here , breaking down , drinking our beer .

180816 003

This is Max Guzzi , he is from Pavia just south of Milan ,

be nice to him if you see him, it is his first time in England .

Buy him a beer , then look at all the places he has been . He is on Cali Jackal ,

with over 270k kms on it. He has more Elephant stickers on his bike than you have

fingers !


Norge 8v GT , oil pressure switch leak

Norge 8v GT ,

had a leaking oil pressure switch , to get to it involves seat, panels,and fuel tank …then you remove the lower fairing , on both sides to access the inlet manifolds to the throttle bodies .

then you can remove the airbox , underneath is the oil pressure switch. It also means you can get to everywhere to clean up the oil that has leaked out .

new switch has an adapter to fit new type of switch , so hopefully it won’t happen again .

clean everything up and screw it all back together.


False economy

v7 pics 004

customer went for MOT …MOT failed .
customer complained of poor back brake performance.
customer complained about MOT tester .
customer complained about cost of replacement pads.
mechanic , how long has your rear brake been poor ?
customer , for about the last 4 months .
mechanic , do you not check your bike over every now and again ?
customer , well the last mechanic said they were ok !
mechanic , when was that then ?
customer , last year just before the MOT.
mechanic , how many miles have you done since then ?
customer , 12,000 miles all in London.
mechanic , OH !


Guzzi mechanics talking to each other via “FilterMail “

v7 pics 003

When there used to be lots of guzzi workshops in London , ….this is how we would send messages to each other .

I once took out a filter that was 25 years old , message written by a mechanic in 3 Cross . He still worked at a dealer nearby , took it to show him ….he nearly fell over !


This is why i tell people , always have a minimum of 2 keys.

ALWAYS have a minimum of 2 keys for your Breva , Griso , Stelvio , Cali 14 ,Norge , 1200 Sport, anything that has a key coded to the bike .

This customer managed to lose a set of keys ages ago, never got around to getting some more cut, even though he had brought some spares, to do just that .

Lost his only remaining set , didn’t have the key number written down , BUT does, thankfully , know his user code .

SO , new set of locks all-round , code the new keys to the dash , and off he goes,

£450 quid lighter .


Special offer , all of June , if you don’t know your user code , but you have 2 keys , come and see me,  and i will give you one , THAT YOU CANNOT FORGET OR LOSE .



1200 Sport


1200 Sport , one of my all-time favourite Guzzi’s , i don’t think there are 200 in the UK .

A  do everything bike , comparable to a VFR750 , doesn’t do anything fantastic , just does everything well.

Fast enough to get from A 2 B at a very good average speed , comfy if you mod the seat a bit  and put on the later bars , fuel efficient , 40+ mpg , good looking , forgiving chassis , good brakes , what more do you need?

Put on the factory 2 into 2 exhaust system , and lose a bit …ok a lot , of weight ,AND  get some noise out of it .


Yes Sir , we will service your new bike before you pick it up !

sump 002sump 003

So , a new owner says… give it a service , so we have a start point. Shouldn’t need much he says , i’ve only done 5-600 miles since i got it . Dropped the oil out and took off the sump… oil filter dated 2012 , thick black sludge in the sump , a drain washer that has been used more than once is cut off of the drain bolt. Double gaskets on the rocker covers ? and valves so very tight , carb balance a mile off , and mixture screws set at 2 turns out not the 3 1/2 turns out the engine wants .

Run it down the road for an MOT , tester can’t get it out of gear , passes with flying colours .