Honesty , does it pay ?

ing it in says i griso-plate-007

Little V50 , comes in , owner says he has broken the clutch , he has no drive . wants a quote for clutch replacement . Bring it in says i ….turns up in a van from Bristol….

leave it with me for the week , he says , i’ll be back on Saturday .

have a quick check over deffo , no drive .

remove rear wheel , drive box and caliper.

bear in mind this guy has owned this for 2 years .

as i remove the drive box , there is a spring , sleeve , circlip , and disc .These link the driveshaft to the drive box .

there was no disc or circlip ?


the spring pushes against the disc and circlip (the circlip locates in the sleeve) and this all holds it against the pinion in the drive box , transmitting the drive .

so quoted for clutch plate swop about £550 , actual cost £100 .

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