False economy

v7 pics 004

customer went for MOT …MOT failed .
customer complained of poor back brake performance.
customer complained about MOT tester .
customer complained about cost of replacement pads.
mechanic , how long has your rear brake been poor ?
customer , for about the last 4 months .
mechanic , do you not check your bike over every now and again ?
customer , well the last mechanic said they were ok !
mechanic , when was that then ?
customer , last year just before the MOT.
mechanic , how many miles have you done since then ?
customer , 12,000 miles all in London.
mechanic , OH !

Guzzi mechanics talking to each other via “FilterMail “

v7 pics 003

When there used to be lots of guzzi workshops in London , ….this is how we would send messages to each other .

I once took out a filter that was 25 years old , message written by a mechanic in 3 Cross . He still worked at a dealer nearby , took it to show him ….he nearly fell over !