Call on my mobile and if you can, explain how I can help you. The Model and the actual problem. Try to explain as much as possible as this will help me, to help you, over the phone.

You can call me on my mobile 07536 116 176 . Or you can email me on , , don’t forget to put a contact number i can call you on, so we can talk.

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  1. Hi. I have a Norge. It starts well when cold but if it is hot – driven for more than about 20 minutes – it won’t start. Nothing at all. Press the starter and nothing. Perhaps a slight click. If you leave it for about 2 hours, it will start fine. Someone suggested it could be the starter motor going, but I don’t know if that is right.

    If you could help that would be brilliant, otherwise I’m going to have to replace the bike which would be a real shame. Cheers.


  2. I have a 2007 Griso 1100 with 13,000 miles in generally excellent condition, I bought the bike about 9 months ago and I am having an issue with the clutch and was wondering I could ask your advice.

    The issue is there is very limited travel at the lever ie approx. half of what you would normally expect also once the engine is warm it is not fully disengaging and appears to be dragging.

    I have made adjustments with the plunger at the master cyl end, bled the system and checked that the slave was not loose (I read there was an issue on the 1200s with this) and currently my friend who is a long time Guzzi owner and mechanically very good is investigating the issue for me, he has swapped over the master cyl for another known working one and the issue still persists.

    We are at the point where we are going to strip the rear wheel / swinging arm to better investigate the slave, but we do not have the capability to remove the engine if it proves that we need to get to the clutch.

    My friend recommended yourself as the best independent in the UK and was wondering if this would be something that you could assist with, the other problem is the bike is in Shrewsbury so I cant really drop it round.

    I will call to discuss


    M:07475 898897


  3. Found the info on the rusted swingarm bearings interesting and informative!
    I’m one of three Stelvio’s that encountered a swing arm failure!


  4. Hi Baldrick,
    I have a Moto Guzzi V7 Stone 2014 (under warranty till 2014) – Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed that my clutch pedal (foot lever) is getting harder to shift. Today for example, I wanted to maneuver the motorbike to the security bay at work. So as I normally do, switched off the bike and tried to shift from first to neutral. Couldn’t find it. Tried moving the bike, nothing, just stuck at first. It was so bad that even with the clutch lever pressed, I found it hard to move the bike.
    Eventually I managed to find neutral and parked. But wanted your thoughts on it. What could be the reason?
    My bike is under warranty till July 2014. Was wondering if you could do a complete check and advise if I need to get anything replaced whilst under warranty. Please let me know.



  5. Hi Baldrick, the tune up Saturday for my California 1110i works a treat! I had to run up to Boston in Lincolnshire for an emergency and the whole ride was a dream, I was finally able to run into roundabouts and turns without all the prior hesitation with the engine burbling😀. It’s like anew bike!
    See you again soon for the brake pads.


  6. HI Baldrick
    Quick question re: the engine oil sump plug crush washer on the 1100i’s.
    When undoing the drain plug and then draining for oil change I noticed that the crush washer seemed to have an integral rubber ring on the inside diameter. The crush washer part GU95100709 20x28x2 I have does not have anything like this. I got it from Gutsibits part ref SIA10070 in exactly the same size when I replaced the fuel even sensor. Difference is that it is just a plain washer.

    Have you come across or seen such a combined rubber/aluminium washer on the 1100’s with a rubber inner ring? I am baffled? (but does make sense as it is probably for sealing against the bolt thread).


  7. Hi Baldrick – ok – will leave the washer alone for now and change on the next oil drop.

    Can you advise on another matter before I bring the bike in?

    I was adding a power extension to the battery positive and inadvertently popped by the spanner on the danged seat release mechanism – should have bagged the whole bloody area.

    Post panic I went to check everything electrical and now find that I have no spark!

    But do have:
    1. all the lights / brakes / indicators etc ok
    2. fuel pump/injector pumping when I turn ign key on
    3. Starter solenoid clicking happily (and starter switch/kill switch etc all ok)

    I swapped solenoids/fuses around (just in case they looked ok but weren’t philosophy)

    Checked for spark against the engine fins – definitely no spark – on either side

    No spark. The bike seems electrically happy but whatever I popped has knocked something out completely, like a fuse or relay but none I can trace.

    How bad can this be or is there any other common item that could have fried when the it ground to the seat release?



  8. Hi Baldrick
    I’ve just bought a beautiful V11 sport 2001. I owned a V11 Le Mans same year did the GMG etc. Also owned a 2007 V12.
    Needed to return to guzzi after a few years with BMW .
    It has a slipping clutch. Only 15000 on the clock. It starts to slip as soon as she gets warm after 5 mins riding. Any thoughts as I’m hoping it’s adjustment rather than a clutch change at so little mileage.


  9. Dear Baldy
    Its Egg here with the corsa rossa which you always have serviced. over the years , its been garaged for 4 years as i can not ride it any more due to a spinal operation a had , and i need to sell her,she needs a new battery and the bloody forks are leaking again, you have all ready done this job once. Can you collect her our what do you suggest Am in Streatham as you no its the centre of the universe. cheers Eggy


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