Guzzi mechanics talking to each other via “FilterMail “

v7 pics 003

When there used to be lots of guzzi workshops in London , ….this is how we would send messages to each other .

I once took out a filter that was 25 years old , message written by a mechanic in 3 Cross . He still worked at a dealer nearby , took it to show him ….he nearly fell over !

2 thoughts on “Guzzi mechanics talking to each other via “FilterMail “

  1. This practice of marking replacement parts is one I picked up back in the 1980s. From time to time I have come across filters I had previously marked that had been in place way beyond the recommended replacement interval, but never as long as this example. Trouble is, that with some Guzzis it is all too easy for some not to bother replacing the filter because of the extra work involved with getting the sump off.
    Some old time BMW technicians I’ve come across in the USA recon it is quite safe to double the filter change interval on Airheads. But personally, where filters are easily available, I wouldn’t do it, since (on a BMW anyway) they are relatively inexpensive and easy to change.
    I’d be interested to know the internal condition of this filter. Did you cut it open and see?


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