1200 Sport


1200 Sport , one of my all-time favourite Guzzi’s , i don’t think there are 200 in the UK .

A  do everything bike , comparable to a VFR750 , doesn’t do anything fantastic , just does everything well.

Fast enough to get from A 2 B at a very good average speed , comfy if you mod the seat a bit  and put on the later bars , fuel efficient , 40+ mpg , good looking , forgiving chassis , good brakes , what more do you need?

Put on the factory 2 into 2 exhaust system , and lose a bit …ok a lot , of weight ,AND  get some noise out of it .

5 thoughts on “1200 Sport

  1. Do you remember Moto Guzzi swapping the UK speedo assemblies on Breva 1200, as they only had MPH and no KPH markings? Why was this done? I’ve got one that was taken off a new, unused bike – it looks really smart and I was wondering if it would work on my Breva 1100?


    • I have just bought a 2009 registered 1200 sport and it has black instruments rather than white, It was sold as a straight bike and I can’t see any signs of any accident repairs, were any of them sold in the uk with black instruments ?

      Thanks Chris


  2. Hey Baldrick,

    I have a Guzzi 1200 Sport, if you looking for one. You serviced it several times. I’m moving house and my wife has lost patience with it. If you come and get it, I’m sure you’d be surprised what I’d take for it.




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