Does your drive box oil come out looking like this ?

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does your oil come out like this ?

this is oil with maybe 10% water in it . Probably caused by lots of short journeys , where the drive box doesn’t get hot enough to make the water evaporate off .
solution , change you oil more frequently , open out the hole in the vent at the breather .

When you change it , try and do it hot , just after a ride is best , leave it to drain , overnight if you can .

Then refill to the correct level .

You may need to do this twice in quick succession , to get all the affected oil out.

Your drive box is an expensive bit of engineering , oil changes are very cheap by comparison .

2 thoughts on “Does your drive box oil come out looking like this ?

  1. Thanks for those tips. I have in the past changed my engine oil when it was warm. Now I know to do the same with the drive shaft and gearbox. Thanks again


  2. Thanks for the advice. Mine did look like that last time and the breather seems to get blocked easily. I use the Breva for a 17 mile each way commute. Not during gritting though. How often should I be changing the bevel box oil?


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